“I have been seeing Dr. Chris for chronic lateral pain in my left foot. For over two years I had been going to two different foot doctors and even had cortisone shots, but still did not get relief from the chronic pain. It wasn’t until I started chiropractic, laser and kinesio taping treatments with Dr. Chris where I began to FINALLY began to see results and my pain has now subsided. THANK YOU DR. CHRIS!!!”

– Jackie S.

“Chris is a multi faceted athlete who understands his own body well enough to know what you’re talking about. My many interactions with him have left me healthier and inspired. I grow every time we talk. Finding the nuances in the muscle imbalances and nutritional deficiencies has brought me leaps and bounds ahead of where I was. I recommend him as a trainer (if you’re this lucky) and more so as a Chiropractor.”

– John D.

“After being diagnosed with an auto-immune disease I started looking for someone to help me achieve my optimal health. Chronic fatigue and joint pain were the primary issues. Until I connected with Dr. De Geer the only proposed solution was a daily prescription medication that may or may not work. Dr. De Geer identified root-cause issues with my health and got me started on targeted supplements and regular chiropractic care. I’ve not only resolved my chronic fatigue, but I have no joint pain and have the energy to enjoy the health benefits of yoga and barre classes 3-4 times a week. The best outcome, though, is the added energy I have to spend with my family, including two very busy toddlers.”

– Maria, 34

“[Dr. De Geer] was able to help me reach my goal through proper nutritional guidance mixed with an individualized exercise program. His commitment and extensive knowledge can help you to achieve any goal. I have learned how to truly live a healthy lifestyle and I am forever grateful.”

– Hana M.